Wookey Primary School

Wookey Primary School is the first school in the UK to sign up to the Kx365 Challenge

Kx365 is keen to work with schools to encourage students and their families to be active every day.  Wookey Primary School in Somerset is the first school in the UK to sign up to the Kx365 challenge, pledging to motivate their pupils and their parents into finding more ways to exercise daily and spend quality time together for a calendar year. 

The initiative was launched in the school by Jim Plunkett-Cole on the 20th February 2018.  The children were given "Log and Blog" books to decorate as they please and in which they can record their activities, draw pictures, paste in photos and Kx365 memorabilia cards and so on.  They also made race numbers for the day which they can carry with them throughout their challenge.  Using an educational app, parents and children can also log and share their activities electronically with the entire school and encourage and motivate each other as they go.

Inspired by their children, some parents have signed up to complete their own Kx365 challenge.

Good luck Wookey Primary School!