How to start

How to get started on the Kx365 challenge, whether as a family or individual...

The beauty of the Kx365 challenge is in its simplicity. There are no rules. You choose what to do, how and when!

If you are undertaking the challenge as a family, you know what suits your family best. Whether you choose to go out for a walk around the neighbourhood, a run around the block, cycling or roller-blading in the park, a day at the pool or the beach... the possibilities for spending active time together are endless. All you need to do is set a small amount of time aside every day to be active, preferably outside, exploring our natural world together and having fun! Then, if you choose, you can share what you've done with the Kx365 Family group on Facebook - and see how other families are tackling their challenge too, motivating and inspiring each other, perhaps even meeting up!

Tips to get you started:

  • Find the official start date for your school (or home school network). These can be found here. You can start anytime on, or after, this date.
  • Plan something special for your first day. Go somewhere you've never been and explore.
  • Plan a regular activity that you can easily fit into every day even when you are all really busy - a ten minute walk down the street and back, for example. This your 'minimum' which you can fall back on as your minimum activity to keep you in the challenge. Set a realistic minimum!!!
  • Try to do something a little out of the ordinary one day a week. Try an activity you've never tried before.
  • Build small goals and rewards into your challenge - perhaps go for ice cream when you've walked five miles over the course of a week, or similar.
  • Log and blog your activities (see below for additional guidance on 'Logging & Blogging'.
  • Provide family rewards for when key milestones are achieved.

All these things are encouraging and motivating. Keep it fun, keep it different, mix it up... and the days fly by, each with its own adventures and discoveries.

Stuck for ideas? Here are a few! Why not see how many of these activities your family can try before the end of your challenge?

Aerobics, American Football, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Canicross, Circuit Training, Climbing, Climbing Stairs, Cricket, Cross-Country, Skiing, Cycling(sport), Cycling(transport), Dancing, Disability and wheelchair sports, Dodgeball, Elliptical Training, Fencing, Fitness Walking, Floorball, Geocaching, Golfing, Gymnastics, Handball, Hiking, Hockey, Ice Skating, Indoor Cycling, Kayaking, Kick Scooter, Kitesurfing, Martial arts, Mountain biking, Orienteering, Paddle Boarding, Paragliding, Pilates, Polo, Horse Riding, Rollerskating, Rowing(indoor), Rugby, Running, Sailing, Scubadiving, Snorkeling, Skateboarding, (Rope) Skipping, Skitouring, Skiing (downhill), Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Soccer, Squash, Surfing, Swimming, TableTennis, Tennis, Treadmill walking, Treadmill running, Volleyball, Walking, Weight Training, Windsurfing, Yoga.

'Logging & Blogging' - We will be developing this guidance in due course, but we recommend that an interim measure is to establish an electronic and / or hard copy folder for the family challenge where you can store photos and make notes as to what you and / or your children did each day by way of activity. On most days a simple note is all that's required. e.g. 'The whole family went for a 1 mile walk to the park and back' or 'Sally played soccer at school, Brandon went swimming with friends and mom and dad went for a bike ride in the evening'. For some, a simple Word or Excel document could be used to record these notes. Schools will be helping with the 'Logging & Blogging' too. Ideally with a hard copy folder and possibly a weekly or monthly calender print out where a simple star or tick can be inserted on each day achieved. Maybe with a little note under each star to say what happened. However, if something 'cool' happened whilst doing it, such as some nature or wildlife seen, then it would be great if there was room for this to be described and written about. We're kinda hoping that, between us, we can establish some fun and simple and workable 'Logging & Blogging practices' that help us to establish more formal advice and guidance for other schools etc.

We have developed a little 'starting milestone souvenir' to give to each of the participating children (and parents if they want one!). They are simple, but quite special. We'll be developing further milestone souvenirs as we go along to cover 3 days achieved, 1 wk achieved, 10 days achieved, each month achieved, each quarter, each third of the year, the half way. = 22 milestones throughout the year (including the starter milestone). The children can insert the milestone souvenirs into their blog & log folders / files. The milestone souvenirs should provide additional motivation and inspiration to keep going throughout the year. It is also highly likely that the souvenirs will feature some of the special moments experienced by yourselves! (Much more about this in due course).