As well as adults, Kx365 also encourages children (and their families) to get outside and exercise together for a little time each day. 

Families decide for themselves what the nature of their challenge will be and we've put some examples below which illustrate how they have participated in the challenge in the past. 

Families might chose to go for a 1 mile run together each day as their daily 'minimum activity'. Or maybe run for 15 minutes each day as the daily minimum. Or maybe go for a run / walk for a daily set distance, or time, each day. Maybe substituting the daily minimum for a family cycle on the cycle path, or a family swim. Or a game of football or rounders in the park. 

The point of the challenge is to try and be active every day as a family, preferably outdoors as much as possible.   To spend time together each day as a family and away from the screens. It soon becomes the family's favourite time of the day.

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Some families that have already been participating in Kx365 and have shared their experiences with us...

The Holden Family.

Lucy and Kate Holden were part of a homeschool group that heard Jim Cole speak in Houston on November 22, 2016. The sisters are 12- and 11-years old and had run occasionally, but not consistently, over the last 5 years. After hearing Jim’s inspiring story, the girls told their dad, Mark, about Jim’s adventures and dedication to exercising every day for 4-years.

Mark immediately suggested that he and the girls should set a goal to run 1-mile a day for the next year.  They agreed that the mile would count if it was finished in less than 12-minutes. The distance was short enough that it could be completed without a major interruption to their daily
schedule.  In the beginning, the girls would occasionally complain when Mark reminded them that they needed to get their mile in before dinner.  However, after 6 weeks of running every day, the girls began to take ownership of the goal. They now decide for themselves when to fit the run into their list of daily activities. Lucy and Kate have also accepted the fact that if they are going to complete the challenge, they will eventually have to run in difficult weather conditions or when they feel less than ideal.

Mark loves spending time alone with the girls, even if it is only 10-minutes a day. He says Kate chats with him the entire time she is running.
Any time Lucy and Kate have had a friend spend the night, they have also enjoyed including them in the exercise. Mark has also made an effort to celebrate every month they have completed.  After the first month, they got ice cream. After the second month, they went to a chocolate bar.
After the third month, they went to Dave and Buster’s. They have already planned that for the sixth month, they will go to IFly Indoor Skydiving.

The Rooney Family
Bristol, United Kingdom

Five year old Ivy's mother Charlotte says: Ivy did a k minimum a day, scooting, walking, swimming or cycling. There were hard days, but she is still chuffed to bits that she did it. We always kept it her choice, made it clear there was no shame in choosing to stop (as opposed to failing), many adults choose to stop for good reasons. But we were also clear that there were no cheat days. Typical parent balance of sometimes giving them a bit of a push to push themselves and not pushing so hard you're asking more than they want to/can give. 
There are all sorts of good things that came out of it, but one of my favourite intangibles is the sense of time and achievement. A year is a really long time for a kid, and having a project that spans that time felt like a really big deal.

Oscar and Gertie Blewitt
Bristol, United Kingdom

In 2015 we signed up for the KX365 challenge that Jim Plunkett-Cole started in 2013.

Our aim was to do some form of activity, preferably outdoors, every day.  Our mum (Claire) had also signed up to this along with signing up for two marathons, one in April and one in October and an event several people do to complete the years challenge and that is a 46 mile (74k) ultra with plenty of little races in between!

All this came about from sad events going on in our family - our Aunty was going to have major heart surgery and Step Aunty had been diagnosed with terminal cancer back in the summer of 2014, so we thought in doing this we could help and support mum raising money for the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

Mum wasn’t convinced we’d keep up the activity with no days missed, but we were determined and thankfully proved her wrong!

For most people that do this, they choose to run a certain distance every day.  Mum chose to either run, walk or bike at least a mile a day on top of her other challenges and we decided to do any form of activity which included running, swimming, gymnastics, P.E. at school, football, walking, biking, dancing, you name it, we probably did it, for at least 20 minutes or if it was a run or walk at least a mile (1.6k).

After a few months we were noticing the benefits, we felt much fitter, faster and stronger and seemed to get over coughs and colds much quicker too.  Mum had a Facebook page where she kept a diary of our daily activities so people could see we definitely did it. 

The year past by fairly quickly and it became the norm to make sure we had done something on a day.  Our Aunty had her heart surgery in the October which was a success and she is doing really well, but unfortunately our Step Aunty lost her fight on November 5th, not quite seeing us complete our challenge – it made us more determined to complete it now for the fundraising.

Finally 31st December 2015 arrived, mum set off at 6am to start her 46 mile cross country ultra, Dad joined her for the first 15 miles and she had other runners supporting her throughout the rest.  We joined up with her near ‘the downs’ in Bristol and ran the final few miles with her and Dad’s sister joined us too.  We had our photo taken next to the ‘Green Man’ statue and then headed down to the finish proud to have completed the 365 challenge together.

Maisie, Finn and Keiron Darby-Jones Hoddinott
Somerset, UK