The adult / individual 365 challenge is simple. Pick a minimum distance of walking, running, cycling or swimming, every day, for 365 days, no day missed. On some days, maybe substitute your daily minimum with a game of squash, or table tennis, or netball etc.  Design your own challenge. Mix it up. Make it fun. Take photos. Write stories. Share your journey.

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Just be a little bit active, every day, for 365 days, no day missed. That's it.

So how do you start?  Well, first choose what your Kx365 challenge is going to be!

Choose to run, walk, cycle, or swim...or anything is totally up to you. Challenge yourself to achieve a certain set distance (or time) for your chosen activity every day. For example, run 1k to 5k daily, cycle 12k a day, walk a kilometre or two each day, swim 400m each day. Mix it up if you wish. You know how you want to be challenged. 

Being active every day is all we ask!

Think about the 365 days of your challenge, and your commitments and responsibilities, and how you are going to make doing whatever you choose to do for every single one of those days fit into your lifestyle.

And make your challenge achievable for you all... every day. A simple way to do this is to be adaptable and to set a low "minimum" distance for your chosen activity... with the intention of doing more. A low minimum distance is your safety net. You may never have to use it and we hope you won't, but if you do, there it is, waiting for you. You can always do much more (and in the end, you will do much more than you ever thought you could or would).

When you start your Kx365 Challenge, we want to hear about it! And we hope you want to share your story with us and with other 365ers, and with your friends and family - because what you are about to do is an amazing thing, and it will be worth telling people about.  

And the most important advice of all, start slowly, stay steady! You will have 365 days in front of you, after all. Listen to your body, adjust your challenge if you need to, stay safe and well throughout the next year.


We have 3 tips for success:

1. Set an achievable daily minimum;

2. Get through January! (As most 'fall' in January before the benefits of being active start to emerge);

3. Do it for yourself and no-one else.

We hope this information helps, and we look forward to Kx365 2020

The Kx365 Team.


We asked previous Kx365 participants why they chose to take on the challenge, and what have been their favourite or most memorable moments so far.  Here are some of their responses...

'It’s pushed me to do things I never knew I had in me, given me the confidence to do things I would never have bothered to try. From short sprints to marathons, from getting up early to run as the sunrises through the mist, to going out late to run under the stars. With friends, with dogs or alone, I’ve seen more of the countryside in just a few miles round my house over the last year than I had in the previous 15.

I've learned that nettle stings are nothing to fear, nor is getting lost, nor coming last. I've lost the dogs more times than I can count, but they've had a blast too this year I'm sure, I lost my dad (just the once) and the running kept me sane and gave me space to grieve.

Instead of spending 16 hours a DAY sitting at my desk, I’ve rediscovered my love of looking at maps and planning routes, and of spending time with my family in the outdoors. I've made *so many* new friends, found so many new role models to show me what you can do if you try, and they've encouraged me every step of the way. I've not seen one single negative post or comment. (and this is the Internet were talking about here people!)

But best of all for a short time each day I've found a way to escape my phone and PC and emails and all that other grown up stuff and just be alone with my thoughts... and my god it's *wonderful*.'


'I joined Kx365 because I'd been seriously ill during the autumn of 2014 and told that it would take a year to recover. So what could have be more ideal than joining this challenge to help the process along? And it's been so good, enjoyed everyday and appreciated the support and kindness. As a long-time runner and triathlete, I've been a member of several clubs but Kx365 has been the best group ever and has meant more than all the Ironman races put together. Many thanks, I love you XX'



'For me it's got to be the Sunchase. New friends, new locations, new experiences. Also the the Cotswold Way Ultramarathon in February that I ran / walked / shuffled and got lost on with a very patient Karen Jones, stopping in the dark and cold rain 2 or 3 miles from the finish line, but still double the distance of anything I'd done previously (or since). Planning to do the whole route in 2016 if it's on and beat my 26 miles in 7.5 hours PB!'



'The people you get to know along the way and friendships made, sharing knowledge and supporting one another has completely changed my experience of exercise and most importantly it can be fun!'



'I've a couple.  First one has to be running the Sunchase with the k365. It was a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people that I now call friends. & the second, with me running at least 5k a day I've pbs in all distances from 5k to half marathons & the funny thing about it is they where all tempo runs not one of them did I race. I'm waiting till the challenge is over to go all out. I'd hate to get injured now but that's just me one challenge at a time.'



'I have had a rollercoaster of a k365. My min was 1km run swim walk or cycle. I have posted my experiences of living with variour mental health issues. A marathon down, cheese rolling and more mundane runs. Its been a blast!' 

Emma B


'For me it's about a personal challenge shared with so many different but like minded people spurring each other on. Oh and running in different places, times of day, with so many people all of which I love to capture on film, celebrating milestones along the way.'

David T


'I am hoping my most memoriable will be my morning run on my hen day and then run with my bridesmaid ok my wedding day in November... but up to now with Liz Lewis 9mths of training hard and accomplisihing my furthest openwater swim, my longest ever bike ride, my fastest ever bike ride followed by a half marathon in mad hard rain... and altogether my longest triathlon all on one day at the cotswold water park ..cotswold classic 113 on 23rd Aug.'



'When I started in Jan and saw people doing 5ks in one day I was intimidated. Getting out and doing 1 was a challenge. My most memorable moment was the day I chose to turn a 3.2k run into a 5k in the moment, and I completed it. That made 2 5ks in one week! Taking on this challenge has definitely encouraged me to push myself to do more than I though possible and I've made some great connections along the way!'

Maggie Ann