Kx365 is a fun and free global initiative to encourage children, adults, and entire families and schools, to try and do a litttle bit of physical activity, every single day, for an entire year - 365 days (or 366 in a Leap Year).

Whether running, cycling, swimming, walking, dancing...or some other physical activity (or combination thereof)...participating in Kx365 changes people's lives in incredible ways. Not least there are tremendous health benefits, both physical and mental, from being active every day, particularly in the great outdoors.

Around 1,500 people have so far taken on the adult challenge of being active every day. Those who have participated seriously in the challenge have seen exactly the same health benefits. Most participants agree that the time they spend being active each day, preferably outdoors, becomes their favourite part of the day. The time of the day they look forward to most. After a short while of participating the mind stops saying 'if?' and simply says 'when?'. After a while, the desire to be active, for life, becomes firmly embedded within (people often return to the challenge following injury or illness...or even when they have successfully completed a year).

A number of adults who participated in the 365 challenge over the last 3 years or so ended up being joined on the challenge by their children. After a short while the children became hugely enthusiastic about completing the challenge for themselves. In turn, this inspired mom and/or dad on completing the challenge. Parents who participated with their children in this way often report that it provides them with quality time every day with their children. Time spent together talking and without the distractions of screens and other communications technology. It becomes their favourite time of day.

Hitherto, the 365 challenge was aimed mainly at adult participation. However, based on the wonderful family experiences of the challenge we have now extended the initiative to entire families - parents, children, grandparents....and even the family dog(s)! Kx365 is, therefore, now working in partnership with schools in order to inspire daily active lifestyles.

The ultimate aim? - children and parents and adults who are daily active together, for life!

Fun and engaging, the Kx365 challenge initiaitve sets a series of optional goals for children and families that can be followed at will - such as collecting sightings of various animals in their natural habitat (and blogging and logging), designing home made bib / race numbers, and reaching milestones such as one week / one month / six months of not missing a day. As well as the health benefits, the initiative encourages children (and adults) in many other areas of life. These include time / self management, confidence / leadership, and literary creation, to name but a few.

Kx365 is free and open to all - adults, parents, children (and don't forget the dog!).

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